Our Services

Whether you are a tour operator, tourist board, accommodation provider or independent business based in the mountains, we can work with you to create an integrated representation package to suit your needs. CK Ski will act as an extension of your brand to help you reach a new or existing market base in Asia.

CK Ski services include market research and analysis, PR & press, advertising and media, partnerships, event management, representation at trade and consumer events, content, copywriting and campaign management. Download our services PDF to find out more.

How we work

    1. We have an initial call/ meeting/ Skype catch up with you to find out about your business objectives in Asia
    2. We explain our representation services giving you an overview of what we can offer
    3. Let us know which services are of interest to you, budget, how you like to work and we will provide a quotation and initial proposal
    4. Let our collaboration begin!

Marketing representation services from Hong Kong


We offer a tailored approach to all of our clients. Our services can be packaged up together or separately – it’s up to you. We will work with you to find an integrated solution that is right for your target market and sales and marketing objectives in Asia.

Based in Hong Kong, we can build invaluable relationships on behalf of your brand. From execution and presence at trade and consumer shows to delivering targeted and integrated advertising campaigns across all media, we are on hand and in situ to ensure you get results.

  • Advertising and media campaign management

Research, liaise and activate timely advertising campaigns on behalf of our snowsports clients to include magazines and newspapers, online, direct mail, competitions, email newsletters, social websites

  • Partnerships and contra-promotions

Research, cultivate and activate partnerships that are right for our clients, across Asia.

  • Event management

Organise and facilitate events on behalf of our clients to raise awareness, engage with existing and potential customers, promote services to a relevant audience and initiate loyalty amongst a new audience. Events include product launches, season start-ups, promotions, consumer or trade facing.

  • PR & Press

Good headlines bring in business and we can help your organisation build its brand, raise its profile and make it stand out from the crowd via targeted press releases, events, creative copy and more.

  • Market research and analysis

Provide clients with insight into the Asian snowsports market, competitor reviews, travel trends, industry knowledge and more.

  • Representation at trade and consumer events

Representation services at consumer and trade events to increase your awareness, build relationships with customers and the industry and capitalise on getting in front of the right people. We can offer a one-stop shop, handling all logistics, from initial sign-up at the event to post event communications with prospects and business contacts

  • Content and copywriting

Provide relevant and inspirational copy, tailored to fit the audience. We also help with editing, proof reading, copywriting and content marketing.

  • Translation services

CK Ski provides translation services; Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, depending on the audience you would like to communicate with. Whether it’s website copy, press releases, marketing and advertising campaigns or newsletters in the relevant language, please get in touch and we will provide a quote accordingly.

  • Video content production

Video content can bring a brand to life and substantially increase your visibility across the web. Working with jamesrowden.co.uk, specialist in snowsports and travel video production, we can create inspirational video content that is tailored and relevant to your brand and target market.

  • Information services

Our first-hand snowsports experience ensures we can provide first-class content and information for your customers, online and in print. We can develop editorial ideas and execute or let us know what information we can provide – it’s up to you.

  • Tailored email marketing campaigns

Helping you talk to people that matter, we’ll work with you to grow your subscription list, tailor content, track results, segment and target and increase opening rates.



Due to the flexibility of our services, our budget is flexible too. Let us know what your budget is and we will work with you to create a tailored approach that ensures results.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch or download our services PDF