Biking – Home and Away

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Biking – Home and Away

Mountain biking and road cycling – not only a great source of physical exertion, the sports have good synergy with skiing. A great source of exercise over the summer months and with steep inclines and descents, you can experience the same thrill of flying down the mountain on skis, on a bike.


CK Ski offers tips and routes for mountain biking in Hong Kong (home) and further afield in the Dolomite Mountains (away) where fantastic biking opportunities are available.

Hong Kong – Home


If you’re in Hong Kong this summer, in no time at all you can reach the trails and leave behind the hustle and bustle of Central Hong Kong. In close proximity to the city centre, find tracks ranging from the gnarly downhill descents of Tai Mo Shan to flat trails around Tai Lam Reservoir.

To ride any of the legal trails in Hong Kong Country Parks, you are required to carry a valid permit (it is free to obtain the permit). Visit (Hong Kong Mountain Bike Association) for more information or download the permit from the AFCD website.


CK Ski’s top HK routes for a variety of levels:


1  Tai Lam Reservoir_Crosscountry HK_Crosscountry HK

The Tai Lam Reservoir loop. Credit: Crosscountry HK

Tai Lam Reservoir Loop Trail, Tai Lam Country Park, Beginner

The arrival of many of hikers and bikers on a sunny weekend shows just how popular this trail is. It’s easy to see why as it is one of the flattest trails in Hong Kong. It is ungraded (mostly beginner level) with the odd technical feature like a set of steps or tree roots thrown to keep it interesting.


Discovery Bay to Nim Shue Wan, Lantau Island, Beginner-Intermediate

This mountain biking trail is popular with Discovery Bay residents and those wanting to take in the stunning view from Lantau Island. Starting at the golf course, it offers good up and downhills all the way to the Trappist Monastery. From there cyclists can either head along the coast to Nim Shue Wan or return to Discovery Bay. With a backdrop of islands, beaches and fabulous views, this is a great way to see the Hong Kong outdoors.


Route Twisk to Ho Pui. Credit: Brandon Kirk

Route Twisk to Ho Pui. Credit: Brandon Kirk

Route Twisk to Ho Pui, Tai Lam Country Park, Advanced

This route starts with a 400 metre climb, followed by a steady 1 km downhill that flows down the mountain with bobsled-like corners, four-foot drop-offs and technical features. Once you arrive at the main contour trail, you have approximately 20 minutes of challenging trail before you reach the turn off on your right-hand side to the Ho Pui Downhill.

The Hong Kong Mountain Bike Association is a great source of information for the many routes in Hong Kong. Once you join you’ll have access to route maps, the forum, classifieds and join a community of like-minded biking enthusiasts.


Dolomite Mountains – Away


Mountain Biking, Dolomite mountains, cycling, adventure, holidays

Road cycling amongst the Dolomite Mountains

If you fancy a biking experience a little further afield, consider the fabulous scenery and trails that the Dolomites, Italy has to offer. You can fly direct to Milan with Cathay Pacific and then it’s a three-hour transfer to the region. Alternatively, fly to Venice or Verona (airports closer to the Dolomites) and slip in a short city break before or after your biking adventure.


The Dolomites are one of the great cycling areas in the Alps. Spectacular mountain passes and lush valleys create dramatic ascents and descents that make for exhilarating biking and sightseeing alike. Add ‘bike friendly’ hotels and bed and breakfasts, plus hearty South Tyrolean meals, you have discovered the ultimate biking holiday.


Whether you prefer road riding on asphalt, mountain biking on gravel or challenging yourself on mountain bike single tracks, Dolomite Mountains, the high-end year-round adventure company in Italy, has itineraries for enthusiasts of all abilities.



Cycling in the beautiful Dolomite Mountains

The Dolomite Mountains biking itineraries range from a seven-day gourmet, wine and road biking tour to a ‘best of Alta Via by Mountain bike’ in eight days and a seven-day road bike trip across seven Dolomite passes in seven days with over 11,000 meters of ascents and descents between jagged Dolomitic peaks.



Another option for biking Away from Hong Kong, is taking part in a Mad Dogs Cycle  Challenge – the ultimate test of endurance and cycling. It is a challenge trip, unlike a traditional cycling tour and participants experience cycling through far-flung destinations across the world, all by bike.

Challenges usually fit into a week and include trips from Hong Kong to Hanoi, Hanoi to Bangkok and Sapporo to Russia. Register your interest, or email the mad Dogs team on

Email CK Ski for more information about the Dolomite Mountains and their fantastic array of biking adventures or visit Dolomite Mountains.


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